Product Description

The Synthetic Groomer with its second generation brush design, conditions synthetic turf surfaces while delivering greater labor efficiencies, ease of operation, and a lower total cost of ownership. Simple in design with a heavy-duty construction, the focal point of this patented design are the precise brush dimensions and angles. This allows grooming in four directions, standing up turf fibers and leveling infill material.

The Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer has 16 Super Duty Blue brushes set at various angles to the direction the unit is being towed. It has perfect balance side to side and front to back — allowing for smooth brushing with no hopping. The electric actuator provides almost infinite adjustment control, from wheels down transport to wheels up brushing.

Product Details

  • Model Number: 920SDE
  • Launched:  June 2000, re-engineered June 2015

Product Features

New Third Genration Design

Conditions synthetic turf surfaces and relieves compaction while delivering greater labor efficiencies.

Larger Footprint

Greater brush area affords improved brush action while keeping brushes in top condition longer.

Improved Brush Design

Brush angles produce better topdressing movement, with 4 direction in one square foot of movement.

Low Cost of Ownership

Simple design and high reliability reduces repair costs. High quality parts and assemblies deliver long-term functionality.

One-Pass Performance

The multi-angled brush design pushes in-fill efficiently while reducing repetitive passes.

Product Support

GreensGroomer works closely with its dealer network and customers, whether it's product questions, maintenance & use tips, or replacement part ordering.

Here's the basic product information and specs to answer the simple questions. Greater detail can be found in the Product Support Area of this website.

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