Product Description

Designed as an attachment to the GreensGroomer for Natural Turf or as a singular attachment using our Three-Point Hitch assembly (sold separately). The Spring Tine Rake for Natural Turf is a great piece for de-thatching turf and promoting turf health.

The Spring Tine rake is easily attached and allows for finite adjustments of tine shafts to control agressiveness if the tine angle.

Product Details

  • Model Number: STR
  • Launched: January 1999
  • Use: NATURAL

Product Features

Useful De-Thatching

Dethatching rejuvenates the turf system, removes old grasses, and removes dead decaying materials. It eliminates the ‘thatch habitat’ for most harmful turf insects and fungus’.

Improved Grass Health

Tine raking helps remove harmful turf debris, opens the turf system allowing turf to breath and to get plenty of sunlight.

Finite Adjustment

Easy adjustment bolts on tine shafts allows for rotation to a more aggressive or less aggressive angle.

Light Scarifying

Along with de-thatching your turf, the Spring Tine Rake is helps to scarify the surface of the soil. This means that you are going to have a much easier time over seeding it after you thatch.

Pulling Runners

The Spring Tine Rake helps to pull up “runners” that are common with certain types of grass. Used frequently before mowing keeps runners in check, providing a more consistent mow quality.

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