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GreenZapr for Synthetic Turf

miniZapr (18")

miniZapr (36")

Germicidal UVC for Surface Sanitation - Outdoors & Indoors

On the Field Sanitation...

It's hard to imagine that safety is not at risk on synthetic turf fields. With all of the sweat, blood, mucus, and other body fluids that arrive on surfaces during use, the survival of harmful microbes is something to consider.

Some debate has occurred over the safety of synthetic turf fields, but little is settled. What is needed for all operators of synthetic turf fields is a ... (more)

Indoor Athletic Facilities...

Whether it's locker rooms, weight rooms, and fitness clubs, or objects like wrestling mats, bathroom fixtures, and lockers, the miniZapr is an effective choice for complete eradication of harmful pathogens.

Equipped with a power Base Unit and handy Hand-held Wand, the miniZapr is able to destroy microbes with DNA-breaking UVC energy... (more)

Assisted Living & Long Term Care...

GreensGroomer has recognized the need for truly mobile and affordable sanitation solutions for the broader institutional market, including critical care units, and assisted living complexes.

Both miniZapr models (18" and 36") provide effective control over harmful pathogens by delivering an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution... (more)

GreensGroomer WorldWide Sees Interest in miniZapr Products

Since the launch of the UVC Product Lineup, we've seen considerable interest and sales growth from Indoor Sports Facilities, including wrestling, weightlifting, and health/fitness clubs. Beyond our traditional markets of Synthetic and Natural Turf, indoor sporting facilities have a real demand for reliable, effective solutions for sanitation... (more)