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The Importance of Synthetic Turf Conditioning

The Need For Regular Grooming...

Maintaining synthetic turf is truly about managing infill, its placement/depth, and its hardness. As any infilled synthetic system is used, the infill becomes compacted, causing greater and greater forces to be exerted on the fibers. This causes premature fiber wear and breakage. With proper grooming/raking equipment and techniques, infill can be redistributed and compaction relieved allowing the synthetic fibers to last longer under stress.... (More)

Why Spring Tine Raking Matters...

When maintaining synthetic turf systems with a "grooming only" approach, you miss the important function of the rake to relieve compaction deeper into the turf profile. At GreensGroomer, we view our Groomer and Spring Tine Rake as an integrated system. The relationship of the angled tines and the grooming brushes are such that both functions (grooming and raking) can be achieved with a single pass without damaging the turf.... (More)

Field Sanitation, The Unspoken Reality...

Synthetic surfaces collect a wide range of materials during use. But we're not talking about the obvious items such as cleats, spikes, pins, or tape, etc that are removed with turf sweepers. We're talking about the range of body fluids like sweat, blood, mucus, saliva, and urine. Synthetic surfaces collect and harbor these fluids. But where do they go? What is the risk? Very simply, these fluids transmit microbes and the right conditions cause them to thrive. .... (More)

The Front Mounted Spring Tine Rake by GreensGroomer Worldwide

As an additional option for the venerable Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer, the front mounted Spring Tine Rake mounts to both the Model 920 Groomer and the Original Model 720 Groomer. The new mount allows for the grooming brushes to trail the rake, which help knock down static and smooth the infill immediately following raking... (More)

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