Product Description

Designed as an attachment to the Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer, the Spring Tine Rake is an important part of synthetic turf conditioning. In-filled turf systems will compact with use. The Spring Tine Rake moves through the turf profile to lift and de-compact the infill. The more frequent a field is used, the more frequent raking and grooming should occur.

The Spring Tine Rake is available in two different models. The Rake itself is the same for both units, with different hardware for attaching to the Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer. The attachment points allow the Rake to be setup on current and legacy Synthetic Sports Turf Groomers — (the Original Model 720 and the Model 920 introduced in 2014).

Product Details

  • Model Number:  STR & STR4
  • Launched: January 1999 (STR) & April 2016 (STR4)

Product Features

Simple Attachment for All Groomers

The attachment points allow the Rake to be setup on current and legacy Synthetic Sports Turf Groomers.

No Damage to Turf

The Spring Tine Rake will not damage the synthetic turf. At the factory setting, the Rake will comb though the turf and in-fill in the upper .5” to .75” of the turf profile.

Two-Row Tine Architecture

The Spring Tine Rake consists of 2 tine shafts loaded with 28 adjustable tines set at 7/8 inch spacing. The tines are 3/16” in diameter with a 40° tip bend.

Simple Adjustment

Lossening the bolts allows for rotation to a more aggressive or less aggressive angle. Retighten and you’re ready to go.

Product Support

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