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The GreensGroomer

The FairwayGroomer

The GreenSlicer TS-48

Natural Turf Maintenance Has Never Been Easier

33% Greater Performance...

The Second Generation GreensGroomer® raises the bar on performance and efficiency. The patent-pending design increases the effective surface area and improves brush angles which translates into significant performance gains.

These changes force topdressing deeper into the canopy, creating a healthier turf system more quickly. The new design also improves the breakup of aeration cores without the need for an additional pass... (More)

Just for Fairways...

The FairwayGroomer is an adaptation of the Original GreensGroomer. With the addition of our Extension Wings and Heavy Duty White Brushes, the FairwayGroomer breaks down larger aeration cores fast. With a 12-foot operating width, it doubles the effective brushing area and still maintains our true "one-pass" performance promise.

Recently bundled into the Pro Package Promo, the FairwayGroomer redefines the... (More)

Gentle Approach to Aeration...

Imagine if you had the ability to spike or aerate without all of the complex machinery, doing it with efficiency AND performance. As an affordable alternative to motorized methods, the GreensSlicer is a ground-driven, well-engineered performer.

With reliability and longevity at its soul, the GreensSlicer is designed and tested for use on greens, tees, and fairways for over-seeding, opening localized dry spots, and aeration... (More)

GreensWagon: The Affordable Transport Piece for Your Walk-Behind Mowers

Are your existing trailers failing? Do you wish you could have access to a better alternative than expensive OEM units? Consider the GreensWagon. We've been manufacturing this unit since the early days, with heavy-duty parts and the right design considerations that make this an easy choice. With a large variety of specialized brackets, the GreensGroomer adapts to many of the most popular units from the top manufacturers... (More)