We Design for Rugged Use

Our customers rely on equipment to get things done, day in and day out, week in and week out. And sometimes, the equipment gets treated rough. It's why we design our entire product line-up to take a beating and keep on working. It's why so much of our equipment is still in use decades after inital purchase.

Our rugged design starts with the main frame and assembly of every product. Heavy-duty steel, stainless steel fasteners, and durable powder-coated finishes. The remainder of components are design and specified for maximum strength, performance, and longevity. Upon the first glimpse, professionals can tell they are getting the best, professional unit.

We Design  for Low Mechanical Complexity

Our design approach follows a simplicity paradigm. Equipment with fewer parts and less complexity will not break down as often and provide greater utility over the long-haul. That's what the professional looks for when evaluating what equipment to employ to get their tasks performed.

Equipment that relies on motors and complex assemblies are inherently inefficient. Our approach finds the right solution with the lowest chance of failure or down-time. This allows our customers to rely on the equipment when they need it the most.

We Design for High Reliability

Our design focus ensures our equipment works when needed, and works for a long, long time. Beyond the main frame, our products rely on simple, bullet-proof components. Highly reliable bearings and bushings, heavy-duty controls and actuators, and high-quality stainless fasteners deliver when other manufacturers don't.

Designing for high reliability also translates directly to the task at hand. Being reliable means no down-time. If your equipment isn't operating, then you're not getting your tasks completed. If your equipment isn't operating, then you're chasing repair solutions to get it up and running. Neither of these is what a professional desires.

We Build for Low Total Cost of Ownership

We don't skimp on our designs. With the right designs and an eye towards our complexity/reliability equation, our equipment delivers a "low total cost of ownership" reality. This translates to better budget control and allocation to other important functions.

"You Get What You Pay For" is definitely true for turf maintenance equipment. And managing the maintenance function is often an under appreciated task. If you get everything right, nobody seems to recognize it. When you get it wrong, they'll be asking you Why? With that much pressure, it's no wonder our equipment is highly valued and praised.

We Build for High Confidence

All the factors we've mentioned add up to one important reality that is highly sought -- confidence. Our customers acquire and use our equipment knowing that they've made the right choice and can spend there time worrying about other matters.

Confidence in equipment ownership matters.

We Deliver Success for our Customers

We strive for success at each stage -- from the designing and building of our equipment to the sales, delivery, and support. We work closely with our dealer network to ensure the sales and support function is what you expect. We back our equipment with a sensible product warranty and our parts program allow you to keep your equipment to factory spec.